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LED Security

Highly Efficient LED Lighting

Led Security is the new family of high-powered LED lamps for quality illumination. The extensive range of standard models caters to various lighting needs in the workspace: Led Security lamps are available with different power supply options and protection levels, ranging from IP20 to IP69. Long-term durability is guaranteed thanks to solid and robust structures, with all LEDs mounted on aluminum supports for excellent heat dissipation. With energy savings of over 84% compared to traditional bulbs, a lifespan of over 40,000 hours, and low operating temperatures, they are suitable for cost reduction and environmental considerations.

Adjustable Rigid Arms

Suitable for workbenches and inspection, CNC machines, and manual machine tools. Applicable even in tight spaces thanks to the “spot” versions.

Flexible Arms

Suitable for manual and CNC machine tools or workbenches, easy to orient thanks to joints and flexible arms in every direction.


Suitable for work areas, CNC machines, and manual machine tools. Various shapes and sizes to facilitate application to all types of machinery.