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Flexible Arms

LED Security

Highly Efficient LED Lighting

Nik Light’s LED lamps – Led Security – with flexible arm and adjustable head, allow fast and easy direction of light flow. They are equipped with power LEDs and available with 24V-AC/DC and 100÷240V-AC. power supply, 3W light output and IP65 protection rating.

The flexible arm and articulated head make the product suitable for use in industrial activities, making it ideal for installation on work and/or control making it ideal for installation on work, CNC machine tools, assembly labs, electronic production benches for localized lighting.

Long-term durability is guaranteed thanks to solid and robust structures, with all LEDs mounted on aluminum supports for excellent heat dissipation.

With energy savings of over 84% compared to traditional bulbs, a lifespan of over 40,000 hours, and low operating temperatures, they are suitable for cost reduction and environmental considerations.

ILLI 6w – IP65 – IK09

IP65 | 6,000°K | 40,000h
14W -540 Lm

PIK 6w – IP20 – IK09

IP6 | 6,000°K | 40,000h
6W -540 Lm

MINI F 3w – IP65 – IK09

IP65 | 6,000°K | 40,000h
3W -220 Lm

MINI Z 5w – IP65 – IK09

IP65 | 6,000°K | 40,000h
5W -750 Lm