WIDE1 C 20W 24V AC/DC - Linear Led lamps | Nik Led Security

Wide1 C 24V-AC/DC - IP67 - 20W


Straight Female connector with power cable


90° Female connector with power cable 5mt


Versione WIDE1 C con M12 connector at 4-pin


Thanks to the careful development of a design oriented to versatility, Nik Light – Led Security – series offers linear lamps for ceiling and wall installation, which ensure the uniform and shadowless lighting of environments and machine tools. They are equipped with powerful LED and are available with power supply 24V-AC/DC and 100÷240V-AC, 20W – 40W luminous efficiency and protection class IP67.

These complementary LED lamps are equipped with mounting brackets adjustable till max. 160°, so that it is easy to direct the luminous flux.

All extruded parts and the side plastic caps are manufactured with high performance materials, which allow these lamps to be installed in particularly difficult environments: high resistance to vibrations, shocks and chemical agents, such as oil, cooling lubricants and dust.

Power and length options:

WIDE1-201 with 1 Set of LEDs (No.48) for a total of 20W


24V-AC/DC built-in LED driver and tilting mounting supports


For *WIDE1 C Always remember to order the female connectors of your choice between:
• Straight female connector with 5mt power cable.
• 90° female connector with 5mt power cable.

Standard 120° LED Module





Female Connectors at choice: Straight female connector / 90° female connector with 5mt power cable



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