WIDE SPOT - Led Spot Lamps | Nik Led Security

Wide Spot 24V-AC/DC - IP67


Lamps LED SPOT - Nik Light - Led Security – are equipped with powerful LED and are specially designed for lighting small working places or for controlling working cycles running on CAD-CAM machines. Protection class IP65 – IP67, 3W-12W – 20W – 28W luminous efficiency, 24V-AC/DC and 100÷240V-AC power supply available.

The special system for arm and head adjusting, makes these products adaptable to any lighting requirement: workbenches, walls of small working cabins, inside CNC or traditional machine tools.


| Up to 85% energy saving
| Low performing heat
| Zero maintenance
| Adjustable extruded aluminium head with high resistance glass
| Easily adjustable arms
| Resistant to coolants and lubricants
| Complies with Directives 2006/95/EC, 2004/108/EC and 2006/42/EC as required by Normative UNI EN 1837

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