MAGA LONG 100÷240V AC - Led lamps with magnifying glass | Nik Led Security

Maga Long
Maga Long

Joints equipped with wing nut for comfort clamping

Maga Long

Cable with Schuko Plug

Maga Long

Regolatore di intensità 10-100%


The 6000°K LED light and the wide positioning capability are ideal for those working environments, where a high visibility is essential: research laboratories, eyewear laboratories, university or model building laboratories, precision industrial production/assembling benches, electronics, watchmaking.

The ergonomics of LED lamps Nik Light – Led Security with lens is enhanced by the possibility of adjusting the luminous intensity, that ensures the best contrast and an excellent colours recognition in any working situation. These lamps are characterized by 14W power supply, protection class IP65, optical 5-diopter lens, with 2,5X magnification.


120° LED Module


Progettato con una lente ottica di 5 diottrie (ingrandimento 2,25x rispetto all’oggetto reale), di diametro 127mm

Optional Accessories:

morsetti, staffa di fissaggio

Standard 120° LED Module

Maga Long






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