LEDY N 24V AC/DC SMALL - Linear Led lamps | Nik Led Security

24V - 5W - IP67

Ledy N
Ledy N

Straight Female connector with power cable

Ledy N

90° Female connector with power cable 5mt

Ledy N

GORE valv

Ledy N

M12 connector at 4-pin


LED tubes Nik Light – Led Security – are studied and designed for lighting machine tools and production plants, but they are also ideal for safety installations, loading-unloading areas on traditional or CNC machines.

These light tubes are manufactured with highly resistant materials and are equipped with a Gore ® valve, which allows to manage humidity and condensation and to prevent the penetration of contaminated external agents. For this reason these lamps are particularly resistant in difficult environments, rich in dust, chips and cooling lubricants.

They are equipped with powerful LED and are available with power supply 24V-AC/DC, 5W – 10W – 15W luminous efficiency and protection class IP67.

Standard 120° LED Module

Ledy N


24V-DC built-in LED driver


outer tube in acrylic (glass in option)
M12 male connector at 4-pin
1 couple of fixing clips
Gore valve


Always remember to order the female connectors of your choice between:
• Straight female connector with 5mt power cable
• 90° female connector with 5mt power cable




Female connectors at choice: Straight female connector / 90° female connector with 5mt power cable


With acrylic tube: 0,16

With glass tube: 0,21

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